Colt® firearms enjoy a reputation throughout the world for accuracy, reliability and quality. Colt pistols and revolvers are carried by military and law enforcement personnel in numerous countries, and are used by hunters and sportsmen and sportswomen worldwide. Colt commercial, sporting, military and law enforcement rifles enjoy similar renown.

Selecting the Weapons that will equip a country’s Armed Forces is a crucial process with strong military and political implications. Therefore, the most reliable and combat proven weapons in the world must be chosen. As the premier small-arms industry leader. Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC has provided the United States & NATO forces, along with other elite military and law enforcement organizations throughout the globe with some of the finest battlefield weapon systems ever created. Colt weapons are designed and built with an emphasis on combat effectiveness, simplicity of operations, maximum interchangeability of parts and ease of maintenance. As a result, our weapons are extremely durable, with high performing systems and unusually low life cycle maintenance costs. All of which makes Colt weapons the ideal choice for broad deployment among any type of military or law enforcement unit. Since 1836, Colt has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States military and continues to evolve in order to safeguard today’s warfighters.